Grab the rain

While waiting for my friends to go for dinner, I think I should write a note (and hopefully I can finish this before they come)

It was raining a bit this morning when I was going to work. It’s been a cold, rainy and cloudy day. It reminds me of the first days I came to Adelaide. At that time, I really hated this weather. It would rain for 5 minutes and then it stopped, and rained a gain, and then stopped shortly afterwards…I hated bringing an umbrella with me all the time, let alone pulling it up and down continuously. Arggg…this reminds me how many umbrellas I have lost…Anyway, I still hate this weather now :))

But just the thought of leaving this place in a few months makes me upset. It is hard to leave somewhere you have belonged to for 3 years, somewhere you have met your love, your best friends, somewhere you have discovered another side of yourself, somewhere you have been nurtured and transformed so much…It would be hard to go for good, or at least for a very long time until I can return.

I don’t want to be too emotional here, so I will stop there( although there’re many more feelings inside me actually). My time at Uni Adelaide came to an end a few days ago, when I went to the very last lecture at this beautiful campus. This place bears a very very very huge amount of my memories, no doubt.

If only I could keep everything that is happening right now. I wish I could grab some raindrops and put them in a bag ( anyone show me how to prevent water from evaporating  😀 ). I wish I could record that smile of a customer that I served. I wish I could record the guilt of skipping classes.

5 hours later…

Woohoo, obviously I didn’t finish this post. It was such a great night, and I recorded our catch-up. A good start isn’t it?

Promise myself that I will record more and more for the coming days. I won;t let these moments slip through any more….:)


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