This is my promise

I watched this video just now and can’t help thinking about what I can do.

It is a touching video to watch, and it may make you stop and think for a while about how lucky you are and how unfortunate these children are. Yet, I do not want to leave it there. That thinking may be retained for the next few days, and then it will be gone. I desperately want to DO something.

It has been one of my greatest concerns for the last few years. For the time being, I promise myself that I keep learning and empowering myself. One of the best things happening soon is that I will attend the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Manila in August, in which I will have a chance to meet other like-minded people who may share the same goal with me. I will be taught how to build a humanitarian project. Hopefully after the Symposium, I will have gained enough support to pursue a project about Children Well-being in my home country, Vietnam.

Keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Whatever happens, and however hard it will be, I promise I will do it.

That’s why I publish this post, and have you witness my promise now.



What do you think about this post?

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