Can You Spare a Tin?

A message from Transition and Advisory Services, The University of Adelaide.

The first week of August is Homeless Persons’ Week.
Therefore, every year at the end of July, Homelessness SA is inviting to attend an Annual Memorial Service to remember the people who have died while homeless in SA. A flyer with details is attached for your general info and you find statistics here<>)
Homelessness SA stated they would appreciate the donation of canned food to assist homeless persons.

The staff members of the TAS team (Transition and Advisory Service) have decided to put some tins of canned food together and donate/deliver these in time for the event.
Some of you may have seen the last 4Corner program on ABC<> which demonstrated clearly how easily even the best circumstances can change and suddenly we can fall on devastatingly hard times.

If you (or others you know) have a can of food that is surplus to your needs and you wish to contribute to the support of homeless persons who struggle during this cold winter – then you are all very welcome to drop in a tin of canned food to the TAS Reception area on L3 of the Hughes Building.
Our team will collect the donations and we will deliver them to Homelessness SA in time so the food can be distributed.

We will be collecting canned food until Friday, 26th July 2013!
TAS – L3 Hughes Building.
Please – Spread the word!

Thank you!
Have a great break.


Marianne Lewis
Manager Transition and Advisory Service”


Just a can of food to make a difference for homeless people! We are fortunate to have a safe house to live, warm clothes to wear and tasty food to eat. Why not share some of our luck with unfortunate people and feel proud because you have done a good deed? Have a look into your fridge or head to the nearest supermarket to get a tin to share!

I’m thinking about buying canned soup to donate? Are you with me?

I feel so cold during these winter days, but there are people who are still colder than me…

Remember they will be collecting canned food until Friday, 26th July 2013!
TAS – L3 Hughes Building, The University of Adelaide

Please help by sharing this. It costs nothing. The more people know, the more cans will be donated!


One comment

  1. Lưu Phi Khanh · July 5, 2013

    That’s very kind of you, Michelle!

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