Do not watch and read this if you are in a rush

Because every single word and every single image in this article should not be ignored.

This is what has happened in the central provinces of Vietnam over the last month:

I’m in Ha Tinh, my little hometown, as I write this. Unfortunately, Ha Tinh is one of the most affected areas. It has been raining heavily for days. Some of the scenes in the video above are in Ha Tinh.

Lucky me, I’m writing this neither on the roof of my house nor in a boat. I’m still sitting comfortably at my desk, in my room, in my safe house, hearing rain drops falling against the windows…

Shortly after Typhoon 10 in September, Typhoon 11 Nari attacked the central provinces of Vietnam, including Ha TInh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang…Physical and material damages to the people in these areas have been extremely serious. At least 18 people have been killed, 3 people are missing and 116 people have been injured as of 19 October. Nearly 100,000 houses are submerged, 21 schools are damaged, and 489 classrooms had their rooves blown away (

Below are some articles about these typhoons and floods:

Calgary Herald : Typhoon that flooded thousands of homes in Vietnam kills 11 people, leaves 5 missing
Reuters: Typhoon Nari hits Vietnam, 122,000 people evacuated
ABC: Thousands evacuated as Typhoon Nari set to hit Vietnam
ABC News: Typhoon Nari leaves 11 dead, 5 missing in Vietnam

Needless to say, typhoons cause so much damage to anywhere they hit, including Vietnam. The saddest thing is that they come too often. There are on average 12 typhoons each year in Vietnam.

People in the Middle of Vietnam suffer from so much pain and loss that they can never fully recover. Poor people just get poorer and poorer after each time typhoon comes. This year alone, we have suffered damages from 11 typhoons.

Seeing all of this, knowing of what is happening to these poor people has given me sleepless nights, thinking that I should do something, I must do something, what I can do…and most of the time, I think about what WE, YOU AND I can do.

So I translated the above video, so I’m writing this blog, in the hope that we can together DO SOMETHING.

Pray doesn’t help. In this case, money does. In a blog about money and happiness I wrote ( Can money buy happiness?) , I said money can buy you happiness. It is when you give it away to those who really need it.

When the value of 1 dollar is more to someone than to you.
When with just a small gesture of kindness, you can make a big difference to someone’s day.
When you can proudly say to your children and your friends that you have done a good deed out of pure kindness.
When you show that you care.
You will be happy.

You can give however much you want. Because it doesn’t matter how much; what matters is you have put your love into what you give.
Even ONE DOLLAR can make a big difference.

This is the price list of some necessities in Vietnam ( we use VND, and $1 is equivalent to about 20,000VND )

  • 1 notebook costs only 6,000 – 7,000 VND (30 cents)
  • 1 pen costs only 2,000 VND (10 cents)
  • 1 kg of rice costs only 20,000 VND ( $1)
  • 1 tube of toothpaste costs only 21,000 VND ( $1.10)
  • 1 kg of washing powder costs around 50,000 VND ( $2.50 )

So I encourage you to open your heart and help these people. EVERY PENNY COUNTS. LET’S START FROM ONE DOLLAR!

I believe in human generosity. I believe that your heart was melted when you see these sad scenes. I believe that you won’t close the video, close this blog, and turn away, pretending that you haven’t seen or read anything. I believe that you want to help with all your heart.
I also believe in the power of blogs, of social network and in the power of us working together.

For how the donations will be spent and list of donors, Click here.


(For donations from countries other than Vietnam)

Name: Duong T T Tran
BSB : 015140
Account number: 250910197
Swift code: ANZBAU3M ( you need this code for transfer from outside Australia)

or send to Paypal account :

(For donations from Vietnam)

VIETCOMBANK – TRAN HOANG CHIEN – 0021000259135 ( Hà Nội Branch)
DONGA BANK – TRAN HOANG CHIEN – 0107022925 ( Hà Nội Branch)

(I was looking to use a fundraising site to set up the payment, but there are fees involved. As I want to put every single dollar you donate into good use, I decided not to use these sites, although they look more professional I know )

I have had $100 by the time I write this from myself, my parents and my brother 🙂
The rest is decided by you. Please help!
After 31/10, I will report on the received amount and how the money has been used, supported by images and video.
Please subscribe to my blog to receive updates OR leave your email address in the comments so that I can send the report to you.
And please share this post if you can. You are already helping by sharing.

I truly thank you very much for your kindness and selflessness, from the bottom of my heart!
Notes added after 20/10:

On 20/10, I initially started with a target of $1000.
After only 2 days, the target has been reached. I was blown away by the positive responses I received. This is absolutely something beyond amazing. I didn’t know this could happen until it did. Yes, it did happen, after a very short amount of time. My belief in human love and kindness was right.
Therefore, I would like to set a second target of $2000. I continue to welcome your donations from everywhere in the world.
By any chance the second target is reached before the deadline of 31/10, a FINAL TARGET OF $3000 will be set to be achieved by 31/10. The total amount will be equally divided to the three areas specified as in the Donation Information.

Magic can happen with hearts filled with love. We started small to do something big together.

More and more people will be helped. More sorrows will be washed away. I can’t wait to meet them and tell them all about you who are giving a hand to make this happen.



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  4. aLibragirl · October 20, 2013

    Mi ơi, mi mua gạo chi mà có 2,000/kg rứa :-ss

    • Michelle Tran · October 20, 2013

      Hic, hỏi lại rồi, mẹ bảo là 20k mà mình nghe nhầm là 2k, ko hiểu nghị chi mà vận ghi vô, ko để ý tính vô lí của hắn 😛 T sửa lại rồi, cảm ơn m nha 😛

      • aLibragirl · October 20, 2013

        ừ, bt tau mua cũng phải 15-20k/kg, nên t nghĩ là có nhầm lẫn, chắc ko chênh lệch quà nhiều rứa mô, thông tin chính xác thì vẫn hơn

      • Michelle Tran · October 20, 2013

        M ơi 20k nha, t nghe nhầm :(((

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