Thank you

(For details of how “Hearts warm hearts” started, please click here)

On behalf of the people here, I would like to say thanks to the following generous donors in this list. It was a great pleasure to have seen such positive responses from people in different countries. You have opened your hearts to help the flood-affected people of Vietnam although you don’t speak the same language, have the same skin colour or follow the same religion. “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”. Most of you are students who have financial hardships but were not hesitant to donate. Some people are unemployed. Some people have to work very hard. Some people do not even know me, but still trust me. I am really really grateful for the unconditional love and support you have given to the people in my country. I just can’t say it enough…

You should be proud of yourself because you have a big heart that genuinely cares for others

Thank you so much again. I will keep you regularly posted 🙂


For communication purpose, I have decided to name the fundraising campaign

A letter will be given to the receivers of your donations to tell them about all of you.

As of 31/10, a total of about $2,232.10 has been raised, in which there was AUD1714.80 (including donations through Paypal) and VND10, 300, 000

This Saturday, 2 November, together with other several people, I am coming to visit the most affected families in Huong Khe, Huong Son, and Vu Quang( Ha Tinh, Vietnam). Each household will be receiving rice, stationery (if they have children) and an equal amount of money. I will obtain the most-affected family lists tomorrow.

A quick report on the expenses will be released on Sunday, 3 November.

A final report ( with images and video) on the whole trip will be posted next week.


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