If you ask me what the most boring job in the world is, I might say ” Bus driver” instantly. This is not the only answer I know, there are heaps of similar jobs out there to talk about, but given my familiarity with it, it would be an answer for now. However boring it is, there are still so many people working as a bus driver, and it is undeniable that we need bus drivers everywhere. Given that we don’t have a car and don’t want to spend dollars on taxis, we wouldn’t be able to go to school, go to work, or go anywhere unless there are buses everyday. It is the cheapest, the safest and the most convenient kind of transport I reckon.

I have always wanted to write something about them,bus drivers, for a very long time. For the bus drivers here in Adelaide, I really respect them for their driving skills and their thoughtfulness.

What do you think a bus driver does within the scope of their duties? Driving to the right destination ( absolutely), picking up people from bus stops. Is that all? I can list more such as helping the disabled and the elderly to get on board if necessary, ah…what else, maybe…selling tickets and giving change ( oh yes). Perhaps there are some other duties that I don’t know, but there’s one thing that I think I can assure: the fact that they can’t have much communication with other people, except salutation and some very short talk if somebody asks them for direction,etc.

Simple as it may seem, but to qualify for the job is not that easy. From what I have seen, most of bus drivers are very responsible, very trustworthy , and they are so likeable and friendly.

It would be insufficient without mentioning the danger of their job as well. A recent research into violence on buses in Gold Coast have shown that bus drivers are in constant fear of being attacked. There is concern among them that anything can happen anytime. But above all, they still love their job.

I recall being on a late night bus once, when you are most likely to encounter naughty kids or hard drinkers. There were some guys jumping around in the bus, yelling and fighting. Everyone else in the bus was absolutely scared. The bus driver tried to settle the fight and they calmed down a bit. I believe similar situations happen quite often for late night buses, which poses lots of threat to bus drivers.


Most of the time when I get off a bus, I will say “Thank you” to the bus driver, and if it’s late, sometimes I will even give them a big smile and say something like” Thank you and have a great night!” to express my appreciation for them. Some people may think it’s not necessary, but somehow I believe it can mean a lot to a bus driver more than just silence. In their lonely routine ahead, happiness can come from such little things like that, can’t it?

And while we are enjoying your weekend or a public holiday, while we are going to the firework at the New Year’s Eve next year, while we are chilling out with our family during Christmas, some bus drivers are still out there on duty with their steering wheels, dropping off and picking up people to and from crowded parties…


Grab the rain

While waiting for my friends to go for dinner, I think I should write a note (and hopefully I can finish this before they come)

It was raining a bit this morning when I was going to work. It’s been a cold, rainy and cloudy day. It reminds me of the first days I came to Adelaide. At that time, I really hated this weather. It would rain for 5 minutes and then it stopped, and rained a gain, and then stopped shortly afterwards…I hated bringing an umbrella with me all the time, let alone pulling it up and down continuously. Arggg…this reminds me how many umbrellas I have lost…Anyway, I still hate this weather now :))

But just the thought of leaving this place in a few months makes me upset. It is hard to leave somewhere you have belonged to for 3 years, somewhere you have met your love, your best friends, somewhere you have discovered another side of yourself, somewhere you have been nurtured and transformed so much…It would be hard to go for good, or at least for a very long time until I can return.

I don’t want to be too emotional here, so I will stop there( although there’re many more feelings inside me actually). My time at Uni Adelaide came to an end a few days ago, when I went to the very last lecture at this beautiful campus. This place bears a very very very huge amount of my memories, no doubt.

If only I could keep everything that is happening right now. I wish I could grab some raindrops and put them in a bag ( anyone show me how to prevent water from evaporating  😀 ). I wish I could record that smile of a customer that I served. I wish I could record the guilt of skipping classes.

5 hours later…

Woohoo, obviously I didn’t finish this post. It was such a great night, and I recorded our catch-up. A good start isn’t it?

Promise myself that I will record more and more for the coming days. I won;t let these moments slip through any more….:)